Thursday, September 4, 2014

Graphic Novels and Graphic Fiction Novels

One of the most popular sections of the library is the graphic novel section. About two years ago all of the graphic novels were catalogued into a single section of the library, 741.5.  Moving all the books to one section makes it easier for readers to find the books.

Artemis Fowl is one of the more popular graphic novel series. This title is also a great example of how many novels have been turned into a graphic interpretation.

The graphic novels today have very developed story lines. Many of the novel are written in a series like traditional chapter books. 

Reading a graphic novel is similar to a traditional book
  • top to bottom
  • left to right
This website has some great information about reading a graphic novel.

Reading a graphic novel also means thoughtfully looking at the pictures. Pictures provide just as much of the story as the text.

Transition graphic novels are books that appear to be set up in chapter format but also have many illustrations throughout a chapter. 

Check out these couple of web links to some of the more popular fictional graphic novels.

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